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Pastor | 牧師

 Kids Pastor    キッズパスター
 Media Director |メディアディレクター



​ベネディクト  ・ カレブ



​ベネディクト  ・ いずみ

Caleb is a thrid-generation missionary to Japan. He encoutered Christ at a youth camp, surrendered his life to Christ. Given a passion to share Christ, he held youth evangelism meetings and Bible studies at his high school.

He studied at Hillsong International Leadership College in Australia. After graduating from Bible College, he became a pastor of Nara Lifesong Church in 2012.

He is currently the father of two children. He is the leader of ZEAL Ministry, an interdenominational youth camp.


After working as a wedding planner for several years, she switched careers and became a professional photographer.


She studied at the School Of Missions in Montana, and served in Mexico.

Now she serves as a Kids Pastor at Nara LifeSong Church.  She graduated from JTJ Theological Seminary.


 She is the leader of ESTHER, a ministry for women ministers.

Partnering Missionaries | 協力宣教師

Lee Gyubyong


李 奎秉 & 金 承妍

They are missionaries sent from InterCP Mission Organization and Osan Presbyterian Church in South Korea. Lee, while studying abroad in Tokyo, he believed and accepted Christ. He started to held Bible studies and evangelism meetings at his university. After graduating, he returned to Korea, met and married his present wife. With his wife, they visited Japan several times and was given a heart for Japan. In 2012, they started working with Pastor Caleb at Nara Lifesong Church.


Partnering Missionaries | 協力宣教師


​セイヤー  ・ ボビー

Bobby graduated from International Bible College in 2010, studying both theology and missions. Bobby's family moved to the mission field when he was 16. His parents started an orphanage for throwaway babies in China. Bobby also served on staff at Destiny Church in San Antonio, TX for more than 5 years. As a married couple, Bobby and April also served as missionaries in China for 2 years. His goal is to serve and build up the church through preaching, teaching and evangelism.



セイヤー  ・ エイプリル

April is also a graduate of IBC, with a major in missions. Her dad grew up on the mission field & her grandparents were missionaries to Cuba and Mexico. April also served as Missions Administrator at Destiny Church for more than 5 years. She currently homeschools their four children and has a heart to serve children and encourage women in their walk with God.

Adviser Pastor | アドバイザー牧師

Izumi Miyatani

宮谷 泉

Influenced by his Christian father, he attended church from his childhood and was baptized when he was in high school. After entering Doshisha University, he founded a Bible study group and became its first president. After graduation, he entered Kansai Bible Seminary.

He served as an associate pastor at Kobe Chuo Church for four years. After marrying his wife, Masako, he pastored Ishikari Eiko Church for 12 years. In 2000, he became the senior pastor of JEC Nara Evangelical Church, where he served for 21 years. 


In 2011, he established "Smile Nursery School" and served as the president for 6 years. Since 2015, he has also established "Laburi," a child development center and rehabilitation facility. 

He is currently a Chaplain of Japan Evangelical Church (JEC) Chapel Laburi. 

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